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Company Profile

Welcome to Vizebh Compositech Pvt Limited

Conceptualised and Incorporated in late 2013, Vizebh Compositech Pvt Limited made rapid and prominent strides in Composites and SMC manufacturing space.

Driven by entrepreneurial zeal and passion for composites, Vizebh Compositech Pvt Limited has made substantial progress with innovation & technology being its prime movers. Recognising the growth importance attached to the SMC, DMC, BMC, Composites, Carbon Composites and Advanced Composites field in India and across the globe, the Vizebh Compositech Pvt Ltd has very carefully nurtured and built a well-equipped organization to meet the global challenges and requirements and surge forward to become a market leader in the field of composites components manufacturing organization in India.

With a clear vision and mission and a strong company culture that empowers our employees to do their best every day, we passionately continually improve our capabilities, technologies and systems to enhance our service surpass the global challenges.

The company is built with the basic Lean Manufacturing philosophy to help our customers reduce costs by removing non-value added activities at each and every step of manufacturing.

Vizebh Compositech Pvt Ltd. aim to supply World Class and cost effective composites and advanced composites components and products from our purpose built state of the art facilities.

Ensuring a meaningful relationship, flawless execution, and continual improvement.

Organizational Highlights:

  • Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat (India)
  • Driven by a pool of talented and multinational industry professionals with immense domain expertise in composites.
  • A very diverse product portfolio covering a wide band of the composite industry from "Electrical Components to Aerospace parts".
  • All manufacturing facilities are getting ready for ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • The Group employs around 75 people with a combined space of over 1,75,000 Sq Ft (16,250 sq. meters.) area.
  • Has expertise in handling glass, carbon and aramid reinforcement in combination with polyester, epoxy and phenolic resin systems including prepregs.
  • Provides total service in new application development covering concept design (including structural, aerodynamic & aesthetic design), tooling, prototyping, serial manufacturing & post sales installation / maintenance.
Seeks to create a more prosperous society by unlocking the potential of composites.