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Vision & Mission


We are passionate to pursue excellence and deliver superior products and services to improve the quality of life across the communities we serve. Our quest for strengthening the economy is being achieved by our relentless efforts for Continuous Improvement in processes, products & technology.

We are committed to protect the interest of the consumers, employees, investors and shareholders. We attain this trust with inspirational leadership and aggressive penetration in global markets across diversified sectors.

We will continue our journey to become the most preferred partner for Excellence in Composites.


To become the Composites Company of world reference for excellence in people, product and performance.


Seek to create a more prosperous society by unlocking the potential of composites.

Our Core Values (VIZEBH)

V : Vigor and Vitality
Our resolute spirit and enthusiastic productive efforts are a proof of inherent vigor and vitality among our team of experts and contributors.
I : Innovation
Innovation is our key focus area and major strength. We strive for a competitive position in the global market through Innovation in products, processes and technology.
Z : Zeal
We work together as a team with a missionary zeal to pursue excellence and stay committed to provide better quality products.
E : Entrust (Trust)
We demonstrate our capabilities to deliver quality products and maximise profitability by building perpetual trust and confidence among our customers, employees, investors and shareholders.
B : Braveness (Courage)
We exhibit our Braveness (Courage) to solve complex problems with a passion for deciphering the presumed impossible tasks and 'never- been-done-before' assignments.
H : Honesty
We conduct our business with utmost honesty, sincerity and transparency. We ensure that our human relation principles with everyone are channelled through humble and prompt communication along with fair trade practices to preserve our legacy of excellence in everything that we do.

Our Ethos

Strategic Growth Partnership – Not a Supply Base

  • We partner with you for continuous improvement projects. We are not just a periodic stock supply base, but we will tag along with you to help develop products and processes for long term mutual benefits across diversified businesses.

Responsible and Accountable for PQCDS

  • We abide by our values to not just be a manufacturer and supplier, but instead we will be Responsible and Accountable for the Product, Process, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Services that we provide.

All Qualified and Experienced Subject Matter Experts

  • We partner with the world class and proven industries with best practices and globally renowned competent individuals. We continue to integrate and expand our pool of talented, qualified and experienced Subject Matter Experts in the field of Composites.

Focused on the "Innovation & Excellence" – not just Produce

  • We strive together to pursue excellence and remain focused to improvise current products and processes by Innovation in everything.

Strong belief in "Gemba" – see the opportunity

  • We identify waste, we identify Non Value adding activities, apply LEAN in our processes and eliminate defects by applying Six Sigma best practices. We adopt the Gemba practice where we walkthrough with our processes to adhere to the strict quality norms conduct and do immediate course correction for best results.
Seeks to create a more prosperous society by unlocking the potential of composites.