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Design Services

ViZeBh Compositech Pvt Limited, Vadodara provides the critical communication necessary to start clients down the path to the full benefits of composite design and construction such as free-form shapes and monocoque structures.

Designers utilize a variety of industry standard design techniques from computer sketches to complete photo realistic 3D renderings to convey composite design concepts to clients. Covering every aspect of design, ViZeBh Compositech Pvt Limited, Vadodara offers: . various support services to help our clients realise a complete solution for their application. From design, engineering, project management and production, our ability to provide support services ensures we provide our clients with an efficient and professional service which delivers quality and consistency without compromise. We use common 2D and 3D software to meet our customers’ needs. As with design, composite materials offer novel approaches to structural engineering.  ViZeBh Compositech Pvt Limited, Vadodara Design experts have expertise in diverse industries and truly understand performance requirements of composite products, whether it is structural, thermal, fire or cosmetic performance.

ViZeBh Compositech Pvt Limited, Vadodara Composites also offers various support services to help our clients realise a complete solution for their application. We offer custom designed products in many areas, including: Automotive/Auto- components to Robotics to Defense to Aerospace.

Our team of skilled engineers and designers can quickly understand the actual application and advise on the most appropriate design and material solutions to meet our clients requirements. We use CATIA V6 software to create accurate 3D models and produce drawings that help define the finished product. Combined with access to composite engineering, CAD and FEA we can manage our clients project from start to finish.

Custom products are made to specific tolerance, mechanical and finish requirements, offering total solutions for our clients composite needs. We have worked with various OEMs and helped them design, engineer and test their products.

ViZeBh Compositech Pvt Limited, Vadodara has high tech testing capabilities to make sure the products perform as expected.

ViZeBh Compositech Pvt Limited, Vadodara delivers a complete set of engineering services including structural, thermal and process analysis for composite structures based on geometry provided by clients or created by Composites Consulting Group. Our expertise is unique due to extensive composite moulding experience, resulting in designs that balance structural efficiency with ease of manufacturing. Our engineers utilize state of the art tools for analysis including 3D CAD, composites analysis, finite element analysis, flow simulation and etc.

EVERY PROJECT that ViZeBh Compositech undertakes is carefully scrutinized, critically defined and tailored to each and every specific needs of the customers'. Many a times many of the clients have shown keen interest with ViZeBh Compositech to perform work all the way from concept to final test, while some others utilize just a portion of the services that we offer. In addition to design to testing, ViZeBh Compositech is able to help customers with many aspects of their project - including estimating, planning and management.

PROPRIETARY DATA: ViZeBh Compositech holds responsible for all the customers' projects in the strictest of confidence. Our facilities have strictest guidelines to conduct simultaneous programs while maintaining mutual propriety of our valued customers.

CONCEPTUAL EXPERTISE: ViZeBh Compositech has dedicated in performing all types of conceptual design. Experienced designers from best of the class Industries and with wide industry experiences, perform most concept work in 3D CAD, which builds confidence in our customers and also ensures strong technical foundations for their projects.

INNOVATIVE ADVANCES: ViZeBh Compositech Composites, is known for innovative advances in Composites Technology – in many areas, starting from automotive to aerospace.

FINITE ELEMENT MODELING (FEM): ViZeBh Compositech uses FEM software to aid in the design of structural components and provide a fast, accurate, and innovative approach to solving your most challenging design problems. FEM is used in conjunction with other design software to provide very reliable structural designs.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D): ViZeBh Compositech is also heavily involved in R&D work in composites. Much effort is currently being placed toward developing new manufacturing techniques that will be vital to future industry requirements and the success. In addition, new materials and processes are being evaluated on a regular basis, in our quest to identify the best materials for any composites applications. Much of our research work focuses on cost-effective applications of composites.

DESIGN AND INTEGRATION: In addition to structural composites work, ViZeBh Compositech is quite experienced in the design and integration of all composites products and systems. The efficient use of advanced composite materials with thoughtful system integration allows ViZeBh Compositech to routinely deliver products that meet or exceed our customers' requirements.

Seeks to create a more prosperous society by unlocking the potential of composites.