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The application of FRP composites to maritime crafts was initially driven by a need for lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant durable naval boats and submarines.

The first marine application of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite material was in the construction of boats shortly after World War II. Boat builders began to use FRP composites instead of timber.

We can cater to many products which includes but not restricted to the following:

  • Radar and Antenna Enclosures

  • Yachts

    Yachts made with vinyl ester or polyester resin infusion delivering higher quality, better consistency, higher glass content, higher specific strength and higher specific stiffness.

  • Boats & Speed Crafts

    Polijel high performance marine gel coats deliver maximum protection against environmental attack and flawless cosmetic appearance.

  • Sail Boats

    Lloyd's Register of Shipping certified Polijel gel coats delivers weathering resistance to surface yellowing and chalking, combined with excellent long term resistance to water immersion and osmotic blistering.

  • Jet Ski

    Acrylic modified ISO-NPG gel coats with optimal flexibility for high performance marine applications.

Seeks to create a more prosperous society by unlocking the potential of composites.