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Sheet Moulding Compounds (SMC)

Sheet Molding Compound Offers Superior Strength and Electrical Insulation

Designed, formulated and manufactured to perfection using the Schmidt-Heinzmann, Germany machines, we are one of the excellent and leading manufacturers and suppliers of Sheet Moulding Compound. Formulated by top of the line composites scientists with more than combined 90 Years of industry experience from across the globe, manufactured as per international quality standards and norms, the moulding compounds manufactured by ViZeBh Compositech Pvt Limited, Vadodara are acknowledged for their high tensile strength, fine finishing and longer life, which can be used for any type of applications, starting from Electrical applications to Automotive to Aerospace/Avionics.

Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) is a thermoset, glass-fibre reinforced semi-finished plastic. ViZeBh Compositech Pvt Limited produces SMC both for use in its own moulding department and for third parties. In our fully dedicated Research and Development Centrewe have developed a large number of application-specific formulas, using our many years of expertise.

Sheet moulding compound (SMC), is a composite sheet material made by sandwiching chopped fiberglass between two layers of thick resin paste. The SMC is cut into smaller sheets and is assembled (specific dimensions and number of layers) on a heated mould. The mould is closed and clamped, and 30 to 80 bar pressure is applied. Material viscosity drops and the SMC flows to fill the mould cavity. After cure, the mould is opened and the part is removed.

Fibre reinforced polyester systems in the form of Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) are moulded into various parts in a lot of application areas. Typically these are automotive, electrical, construction and sanitary due to their excellent performance regarding heat stability, mechanical and electrical properties.

The systems are custom – made to all kinds of needs by changing the basic formulation. Central focus is always the application:

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) is a compression molding compound often used for larger parts where higher mechanical strength is needed. SMC is a fiber reinforced thermoset material. Glass reinforcement is between 10% and 60%, and glass length is slightly longer than Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) - between 1/2-inch and 1-inch (25mm).

Properties SMC

Due to an extremely high chemical resistance, strength and temperature resistance, SMC is very suitable for products which have to meet stringent requirements. Its ageing properties are so good that even after many years of outside use with a high UV-load, the mechanical properties of SMC are barely affected. SMC products are impact- and scratch-resistant, colourfast, maintenance-free, temperature and corrosion-resistant. By adding special additives SMC achieves a high level of flame-retardancy and low waste gas emission.

Sheet molding compounds can be molded into complex shapes. Superior mechanical properties and surface appearance, plus excellent electrical insulation make this thermoset material ideal for automotive Class A body panels, high-strength electrical parts, business equipment cabinets, personal watercraft, and various structural components.

SMC compounds

As with BMC, thermoset Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) is a mixture of polymer resin, inert fillers, fiber reinforcement, catalysts, pigments and stabilizers, release agents, and thickeners and possesses strong dielectric properties. The SMC slurry is spread on a foil, whereupon the glass fibres are added, which can vary in length and quantity, depending on the required properties and geometry of the product. Then a second layer of slurry is added and covered with foil. Finally, the whole mat is impregnated. Before SMC can be processed, it must be ripened under controlled conditions. Manufacture of sheet molding compounds is a continuous in-line process. The material is sheathed both top and bottom with a polyethylene or nylon plastic film to prevent auto-adhesion. The paste is spread uniformly onto the bottom film. Chopped glass fibers are randomly deposited onto the paste. The top film is introduced and the sandwich is rolled into a pre-determined thickness. The sheet is allowed to mature for 48 hours.

Custom specification

ViZeBh Compositech Pvt Limited produces SMC for both own use as for third parties with customized specifications and in small series.

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