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BMC is, like SMC, a polymeric composite material, which consists primarily of a thermosetting resin, mineral fillers and glass fibre reinforcement. The resin used is generally unsaturated polyester (UP) or vinyl-ester (VE). Additional ingredients such as thermoplastic components, catalysts, inhibitors, mould release agents, thickeners and colour pigments are used to enhance the performance and moulding process of the final product.

BMC applications are wide-ranging in the Transportation & Automotive, Electrical & Energy, Building & Construction, Industrial, Service, Sanitary, Domestic and Medical markets.

BMC Product Overview

Our VIZEBH BMC products are adaptable to your specific needs. We design formulations according to your requirements.

Markets: - T&A – Transport & Automotive II E&E: - Electrical & Energy II B&C: - Building & construction II OTH: - Other

  T&A E&E B&C OTH  
Acoustic   Better acoustic damping properties
Antistatic       Conductive materials with antistatic properties for explosion proof parts
Arc Resistance       Applications requiring arc resistance
Chemical Increased chemical resistance to most chemical agents
Class A       Excellent surface quality for painted reflector headlamps
Dielectric       Materials with specific di- electrical properties
Finish     Special appearance effects: granite, marble, stone, etc.
Flame Resistant     Formulations designed to meet your required flame Re tardancy. UL "Yellow Cards" available.
Flow Better flow properties during the moulding process to fill intricate parts
Food Contact     Food contact applications
High Temperature High temperature stability for applications requiring high service temperature
Hydrolysis     Increased hydrolysis resistance
Low Density       Reducing the weight of the parts
Low Emission       Low emission of volatile organic components
Low Shrink       Parts requiring precise tolerances for mounting of various components
Low Profile       Parts requiring very precise tolerances for mounting of various components
Low Pressure   Applications requiring moulding at low press tonnage
Low Smoke Emission   Formulations designed to meet low smoke emission requirements
Paintable Materials adapted to all painting processes
Reactive High reactivity to improve cycle time
Resistance Applications requiring high mechanical performance
Surface Applications requiring excellent surface quality
Unidirectional High strength with unidirectional reinforcement to strengthen especially the fibre direction
UV stable Enhanced UV resistance
Other Tell us your required key property and we will design the specific formulation to meet it
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