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VCPL Pre Preg Forms

Considering the precise ratio of matrices and fibres in Prepreg fabrics and using vacuum technology, it is possible to produce products with excellent mechanical properties in comparison with other types of composites, respectively composite sandwich materials. These composites are mainly used as strength parts in the aerospace industry. Recently, they have also found their place in the automotive industry (carbon parts), production of sports equipment or in special applications in transport, telecommunications or manufacturing components for wind power plants.

Based on the experience in resin formulation, we offer a wide range of prepregs for various processes like autoclave, pressing, bladder moulding and vacuum (out of autoclave) techniques.

Three main classes of epoxy systems are available :

  • 120°C System for general purposes
  • 180°C System for aerospace applications
  • Low temperature (tooling) System, 45-85° initial cure plus post cure cycle

Within these classes special resin formulation allow high and special performance of the final product :

  • Transparent resins for optical appearance
  • Standard, black coloured and flame retardant resins
  • High tack and Nano-tube reinforced resins
  • Highly self-adhesive and fire resistant resins for use in honeycomb sandwich panels¬†without extra adhesive film.

Reinforcements can be unidirectional (UD), fabrics or biaxial with various areal weights and fibres :

  • Carbon fibre (high tensile, high modulus and intermediate)
  • Glass fibre
  • Aramid and Basalt fibres
  • We also offer different Hybrid-Fabrics.
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