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It is Vizebh Compositech Pvt. Ltd’s quality philosophy to:
  • Fully understand our customer’s needs.
  • Build products which meet, or exceed, those needs.
  • Continuously improve all aspects of our business, especially Customer Service.

Quality Policy

Vizebh Compositech Pvt. Ltd’s policy is to provide customers with products that are fully compliant with agreed upon standards and specifications and take into account all relevant contractual, technical, commercial, regulatory, statutory, safety and environmental requirements.

All Vizebh Compositech Pvt. Ltd personnel are required to comply with the company’s Quality Policy at all times and to continually improve all aspects of the quality management system and to work to surpass the Quality Goals of the company.

Quality Capabilities

Achieving and maintaining the highest quality standards is our top priorities. Our manufacturing process has built in material and process control as well and full material and process traceability.

Quality Assurance Laboratory

While quality processes conducted by personnel trained to have a quality attitude in everything that they do exists throughout Vizebh Compositech Pvt. Ltd, a focal point of our quality process is our Quality Assurance Laboratory. It is here that various tests are performed and measurements are taken on our customer's products to assure that every component that we produce meets their specifications. We can pull tensile, pull compressive, flex interlaminar shear, perform climbing durm peel and perform various other tests associated with validation and acceptance of part processing in the composites industry. Other testing may also be conducted by QA personnel within the various production units. Records of all tests results are available within the QA Lab.

Seeks to create a more prosperous society by unlocking the potential of composites.